Gekko Kick light

The kick lite series of 3200K and 5600K white light luminaries are unique in their ability to handle lighting in restricted areas. They are designed to be versatile, lightweight, compact and portable. Their battery powered ability allows for more creative lighting possibilities. The kicklite LED blocks system provides all the benefits of solid-state illumination for drama, commercial and documentary shooting: minimal power requirements, minimal heat generated and small footprint. The kicklite 106 is the perfect tool for providing high quality light where space is at a premium. Its lightweight housing and powerful controllable output make it ideal for in-car or camera mounting, especially in daylight mode where contrast control is all important. It is also very well suited for mounting by television or computer screens, under cabinets, hidden in bookshelves or inside products and packages. kicklite 106 is available in various configurations and can be stacked together using its unique magnetic mounting.

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