Bradley Eyeb

The ‘Eyeb’ is an evolutionary step in the development of small, stylish yet unobtrusive remote cameras for any number of applications. Commentary cameras, POVs, Discreet Filming, and Multiple Camera Reality Shows, are just some of the applications for this remarkable little all-in -one camera. There are no additional boxes - all the inputs and outputs are on the base.

Much of the technology is taken from proven and popular remote cameras produced by Bradley since 1998, however, it boasts a significant number of improvements over its predecessors. 

Larger sensor chip – increased by over 20% to 0.4”

ŸIncreased pixel count – up by 100% to 4 Mpixels

ŸImproved low light performance

ŸFull RCP control including black levels and paint

ŸSmoother movement and greater pan, tilt, and zoom dynamic range

The results are crisper, cleaner and higher resolution pictures with even smoother pan, tilt and zoom movement.  At top speed it moves at a respectable 120 degrees/sec but at the lowest speed it achieves smoothly controllable moves down to 0.03deg/sec!  So even at tight lens angles you still have smooth, fully proportional moves in pan, tilt and zoom.

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