Transportation & Vehicles

Satellite TruckPrime Television offers a variety of vehicles from a small delivery van to a crew bus with compartmentalised equipment section and from an OB truck to a satellite truck.

A small fleet of delivery vehicles are used for day-to-day delivery of dry-hire equipment all over the London area, London’s Airports and beyond.

We also run a fleet of customised crew vehicles that seat 5 adults comfortably and have been custom fitted with a sizable shelved storage in the rear. This storage area has been carefully designed by our crews and will easily take a fairly extensive production kit.

On larger productions we supply our bigger vehicles and we have large Sprinter vans that take production kit to the location while the crews travel in style in the crew vehicles.

OB VanWe have access to OB and satellite vehicles, that we use regularly, that are close by and are called upon when required.