Convergent Design Nanoflash Recorders

The NanoFlash is a portable HD/SD recorder/player designed to mount on a camcorder. It is also suited for use in a studio environment. The NanoFlash is designed to record higher quality images than the camera itself, using the camera’s uncompressed 4:2:2 HD-SDI or HDMI output. NanoFlash accepts an incoming HD/SD-SDI video signal, with embedded audio and timecode or an HDMI video and audio signal.

The NanoFlash records the video/audio as MPEG2 at user selected bit-rates, using Long-GOP or Intraframe recording, in native Quicktime for Final Cut Pro, or MXF for Avid, Sony Vegas, Edius and other non-linear editors. This allows the user to choose, for every shoot, an appropriate image quality, file size, file type and maximum length of recording. The data is recorded to CompactFlash cards, in either native Quicktime or native MXF file formats.

The NanoFlash uses 90% of the same code and components as the field-proven and award-winning Flash XDR. nanoFlash customers will enjoy the benefits of all many hours debugging and testing the Flash XDR.


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