A carnet is required when temporarily importing and exporting equipment between countries that operate within the ATA agreement. It is not required for travel within the EC. A carnet is an official document that lists all items of equipment, their serial numbers, values and country of origin. It is used to prove that all items (duty paid) that are taken out of the UK are returned.

It is stamped and checked on entry and exit of all ATA countries. This is to prove that nothing has been sold during the visit avoiding local taxes and duties. The originator takes out a Bond or insurance that promises to pay any country visited the relevant duty should the equipment not be re-exported.

The list of countries shown are those that require an ATA carnet when travelling with video filming equipment.

Geographical Coverage
  1. Algeria (DZ)
  2. Andorra (AD)
  3. Australia (AU)
  4. Belarus (BY)
  5. Canada (CA) Commercial samples only
  6. Canary Islands (ES, Spain)
  7. Chile (CL)
  8. China (CN) Exhibitions only
  9. Cote D'Ivoire (CI)
  10. Croatia (HR)
  11. Gibraltar (GI)
  12. Hong Kong (HK)
  13. Iceland (IS)
  14. India (IN) ITPO approved exhibitions only
  15. Iran (IR)
  16. Israel (IL)
  17. Japan (JP)
  18. Korea (KR)
  19. Lebanon (LB) Exhibitions and Professional Equipment only
  20. Macedonia (MK)
  21. Malaysia (MY)
  22. Mauritius (MU)
  23. Mongolia (MN)
  24. Morocco (MA) Exhibitions only
  25. New Zealand (NZ)
  26. Norway (NO)
  27. Pakistan (PK) Exhibitions and Professional Equipment only
  28. Russia (RU) Acceptance of Carnets not guaranteed
  29. Senegal (SN)
  30. Serbia (CS)
  31. South Africa (ZA)
  32. Sri Lanka (LK)
  33. Singapore (SG)
  34. Switzerland (CH)
  35. Thailand (TH)
  36. Tunisia (TN) Exhibitions and Professional Equipment only
  37. Turkey (TR)
  38. United States of America (US)

We are happy to recommend a shipping agent who can help you with any carnet requirements you may have, please call for more information.