In-Car HD Kit

Prime has developed what we believe is the ultimate in-car HD minicam kit. Consisting of the new Toshiba IK-HD2 CCU and camera head, a Sound Devices Pix 240i recorder powered by an Anton Bauer Dionic 160 battery, all housed in a custom built Pelicase (with the help of Case Design). The unit will record pro-res for an amazing 4 hours when used with a 256Gb SSD. The new minicam case also has its own integrated cooling system so that allows the case to be closed during operation. The case is fitted with 2 camera cable ports, a left and right XLR audio in, HD/SDI out for monitoring if needed, and a timecode switchable in/out port. The kit is easy to use and extremely reliable so if you have an in-car filming sequence in your next HD production you won't find a better system than our ultimate in-car HD rig. Quote <Back to list