GoPro SyncBac Timecode Kit

Having someone running around with a Digislate is now a thing of the past with our new SyncBack mounted GoPro Hero 4 cameras allowing us to record timecode generated at source producing video files with synchronized timecode embedded in the same way as our professional minicams and traditional professional shoulder mount cameras. Our GoPro camera kits come with long range RF time code transmitter and longer lasting batteries to that the GoPros can be left in record for over 6 hours of record, making them a much more useful Minicam tool. The kit includes 6 GoPro HD Hero 4 Black Edition cameras, 6 Timecode Systems SyncBac's plus a Timecode Sytems Pulse controller, 6 long-life battery packs, an Apple Ipad for remote viewing of the GoPro's and an Apple Macbook for control of the GoPro's using the Pulse. Quote <Back to list