Multi Camera

Production StudioPrime has a wealth of experience in all types of multi-camera shooting and supply a variety of technical solutions for all eventualities, whether it is a high end production, event, feature, concert, or video conferencing or just about anything else that would benefit from being shot from multiple angles; we have the facilities and expertise to fulfill your requirement. If you need full HD or SD, Fibre or Triax, full broadcast or remote mini-camera hotheads (PTZ), vision mixed, ISO recorded (to hard disc or VTR) or streamed on the web. Prime has the technology and expertise to achieve your goals.

We provide for multiple cameras shoots through our extensive, bespoke, portable (flyaway) production units or with OB Vehicles.

Through our other services we can supply the required support facilities, including Cameras, Operators, Steadicams, Jibs, Cranes, Directors, Editors, Vision Mixers and much, much more.

Let us quote you on your next multi camera requirement.